Romain Gandolphe

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From my Performance Art practice, I produce artist's books.

Des heures et des heures [Hours and hours]
56 pages, color cover, black and white int.
8 copies, out of stock

A textual description of all the performances I made, but also those that I could not achieve in five years of art school.


J'aime les œuvres d'art. Mais m'aiment-elles en retour ? [I love works of art. But do they love me in return?]
152 pages, black and white
20 copies, out of stock

Book produced as my Master Thesis at the Lyon Fine Arts School, France. Discussing my relationship to works of art and art history, from the 1960s to the contemporary legacy of conceptual art, making a detour through the Renaissance. There is a theoretical introduction, an autobiographical essay and interviews with Ghislain Mollet-Viéville, Sophie Lapalu and Mathieu Copeland to whom is largely due my interest in art history and artists' books.


Une semaine dans une cimaise [One week in an exhibition wall]
110 pages, black and white
30 copies

Book realized after my eponymous performance and gathering a set of preparatory documents and traces produced during the week: sketches, notes, photographs and texts. Having lived an entire week in an exhibition wall, I decided to have the stock of available copies in the same wall. So the book reproduces the performance in my place. The buyer is therefore invited to put the book in an exhibition wall, in any other wall, or behind his library, so that the action continues.

Also, the book is available on Mark Pezinger Verlag's website, but can also be obtained by entering the original wall and picking a copy.

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Forest Station
With Valentin Godard, Axelle Pinot et Ludvig Sahakyan
16 pages, color cover, black and white int.
12 copies, out of stock

A character we know nothing about, "They", gets lost in the corridors of a subway station before making a mysterious encounter and ending up, while finally leaving, alone in the middle of a forest. This co-written novel was accompanied by an installation with materials as diverse as wood, plaster, textile, glass, a video and a stack of silkscreen.


Un objet commun qui nous sépare [A common object that separtes us]
With Axelle Pinot, Ludvig Sahakyan et Ludivine Zambon
44 pages, color cover, black and white int.
4 copies, kept by the artists

Consisting of a report, this book is the written transcript of a conversation with Axelle Pinot, Ludvig Sahakyan and Ludivine Zambon, about a series of actions and performances that we had done together.